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Hello There, i am doing master’s from DA-IICT Gandhinagar, this institution gave me a platform, where i honed my analytical skills and programming skills .

My Master’s Thesis is to “Propose an Algorithm to find out the Connected Dominating Set in Wireless Ad-hoc or Wireless Sensor Networks”.

DACDSA : A new Algorithm for CDS

In many sensor network applications, messages are periodically flooded through the network. Routing protocols also depend on such flooding for their functioning. Establishment of a connected dominating set (CDS) helps in reducing the cost of such operations. We propose a robust distributed algorithm for setting up a CDS and maintaining the CDS under a variety of node and link failures. We compare our protocol with benchmark algorithms to show that our proposal produces comparable size CDS even though the protocol is distributed and thus suitable for implementation in sensor networks. Further, we propose a low cost protocol to detect and fix faults in the CDS due to node and link failures.

For Ex.

It’s not only an algorithm it’s a protocol which works in Network layer for routing purpose. Let’s take an example if DSR routing protocol is used. If a packet is sent and path for the destination node is not known. DSR_req packet is flooded throughout the network then route would be available. Wireless devices(mobile) have battery constraints, so more communication proportional to more power loss. Let’s  imagine  if we have a backbone type of network, that backbone will take care of every packet of the network and size of the backbone is much lesser*** than the original network. Backbone is adaptive means backbone size is continuously changing  due to QOS constraints, so this idea will reduce number of packet communications which is proportional to CDS construction cost and maintenance cost.

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