Some of the most interesting & Shocking In formations about Cricket.

Hello Guys this is my first non-technical post, I would love to share some of the most shocking, interesting information about Cricket History.

1. Sanath Jayasuriya has more ODI wickets than Shane Warne : Yes it’s correct Shane warne took 293 wickets in his ODI career and Sanath took 321 wickets. It was shoking for me too.


2. On 12th January 1964, Indian spinner Bapu Nadkarni bowled 21 consecutive maiden overs vs England at Chennai. His figures were 32-27-5-0 which is an economy rate of 0.15 per over which is the lowest of all bowlers where 10 or more overs were bowled.


3. Wilfred Rhodes took 4,204 wickets in First Class cricket. No, it’s not a typo. He actually did take more than Four Thousand wickets. He also happened to score 39, 969 runs.


4. Sachin is not the highest Centuries hitter, Sir Jack Hobbs scored 199 centuries in his First Class career.


5. In a World Cup Match, chasing 335, Sunil Gavaskar scored an unbeaten 36 off 174 balls. In the Prudential World Cup of 1975, in the match between India and England, England set the target of 335 runs in 60 overs. Sunil Gavaskar batted throughout the innings and scored only 36 runs of 174 balls. India managed to score only 132 runs in 60 overs with 7 wickets in hand.


6. Sachin + Zaheer = (Almost) Kallis.


7. Sir Don Bradman has just hit 6 sixes in his entire career.

8. The England Cricket Team is the only team in ODI history to lose a 60 over ODI Final (1979 World Cup), a 50 over ODI Final (1992 World Cup and 2004 Champions Trophy) and a 20 over ODI Final (2013 Champions Trophy) in ICC tournaments.